Do you have what it takes to Accelerate and Shift into High-Growth Mode?

Our Growth Acceleration Assessment guides you through the "MUST HAVE" success factors 


If you are a Business Owner, CEO or Executive looking to accelerate sales growth and deliver more profit, you are in the right place!

Nothing is more important in putting your business and life into high-growth mode than gaining clarity on where and how to grow.

The Growth Acceleration Quiz is an interactive tool that helps provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your business and skills in 5 key areas that drive business success. It is designed to help you see which areas and skills you may need bolstering. While this custom assessment takes just 10 minutes out of your week, what you'll discover from the "Report of Findings" could impact your business and personal growth for the rest of your life.

You may also be eligible for a complimentary Total Business Clarity Breakthrough Session that will provide you with important insights that reveal:

  1. Where your growth strategy is strong and how you can leverage those strengths.
  2. Where you need to ramp up your plan and skills or build your team and systems.
  3. What specific actions to take in order to experience the ease, profits and fulfillment you desire.

Once you take the assessment, check your inbox for your "Report of Findings" to review our recommendations on which steps to take next. Our intention is to have you walk away from this Growth Acceleration Quiz with greater clarity on how to put your business and career into "high-growth" mode.

Please note, there is no right or wrong answer. Choose that number which best reflects where you are at this moment.

I look forward to supporting you!

Rich Kohler, Creator of Pathway to Growth

0 = I haven't addressed this at all.            4 = I've given this some attention, but have a ways to go.
7 = I'm doing well here, but I know I could improve.         10 = I've totally mastered this.

I. Vision and Mindset

1. I am crystal clear and have a compelling vision for both my business and my personal life that excites me.

2. My Team and I share that vision for the business, along with a strong belief in our company, products and services.

3. I know what is required of me, and I have a strong desire to advance my business, my Team and myself to the next level of performance.

4. I have specific written business and personal goals, and I easily and consistently earn what I am worth.

5. I am 100% confident in my ability to convert my vision into my business and personal reality.

6. I enjoy my work, feel in control with a sense of freedom - having achieved solid work-life balance.

II. Strategic Map: Business Clarity, Strategy and Planning

1. We have excellent clarity around market trends, our business goals, opportunities, challenges and needed strategies and tactics.

2. We have identified which products and services have the greatest growth potential, which offer recurring revenue streams and which have the lowest investment risk.

3. We have a clear strategy and written plan on how to construct a durable growth platform: build upon strengths and double our profits in the next 18-24 months.

4. We have written monthly, quarterly and annual goals, the required strategies to achieve them and take massive action to accomplish them.

5. We have a plan outlining the required steps, deadlines and accountability for all high priority projects for the next 6 months.

6. I feel good about and am confident in our skills and strategies to grow our business at above industry rates, to grow in any economy and achieve its full potential.

III. Marketing Excellence

1. We have clearly defined our Target Markets, Ideal Customers, and isolated the attributes most meaningful to our Customers to create a defendable market position.

2. We distinctly articulate our value, solutions, unique selling proposition and brand in our marketing messages to provide a high degree of differentiation to the competition.

3. We have a group of well-defined processes and Marketing Strategies that consistently generate a high flow of new, qualified leads.

4. We have an efficient, automated Marketing System that effectively builds awareness, reduces sales efforts and marketing costs.

5. We have a Marketing Plan that creates a stream of new customers, products and services while also growing our existing ones.

6. We launch new products and sales campaigns with 100% confidence because we know what our Ideal Customer needs and wants.

IV. Rainmaker Sales Conversation and Conversion Mastery

1. We have a well-defined Sales funnel and process in place, from prospecting, to qualifying, to closing and follow-up.

2. My Sales Team and I are crystal clear when asked to describe what we do, the value we provide and how we are unique.

3. We gain a clear understanding of our prospect's challenges and the value in finding a solution, before offering them our products and services.

4. We have proven strategies to qualify, assess the prospect's sense of urgency and address objections.

5. We easily balance our efforts between pursuing new customers and launching new products while growing our existing accounts.

6. We utilize assessments and on-going training to continually raise our sales skills, expertise and closing ratios - and our entire Sales Team is highly productive.

V. Leadership, High-Performance Team

1. My Leadership & Front-Line Management Team is highly engaged, we are aligned on our strategy, collaborate well, historically meeting our commitments consistently.

2. We have created a culture of speed and innovation, where we embrace change resulting in a high level of agility and flexibility.

3. We have integrated strategies to act more entrepreneuial, increase employee engagement and retention, build leadership bench strength and diversity.

4. I ensure my entire Management Team and I are constantly developing and employing new skills, tools and systems to be more productive and grow our business.

5. I have a Team and a system that maximizes my productivity - keeping me focused on my goals and strategic, high-level and income-producing activities.

6. I have surrounded myself with a strong Team, am highly confident in their leadership ability and I can depend upon them to execute and achieve our plan.

VI. Passion, Desire and Commitment (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. If eligible, I would highly value a complimentary Total Business Clarity Breakthrough session ($750 value).

2. If eligible, I'm open to discuss my future business, income and personal vision and goals.

3. If eligible, I'm determined to discover exactly what may be holding me back.

4. If eligible, I'm motivated to discuss and get support in business and personal areas where I feel stuck.

5. I'm ready and willing to invest in my business and myself to acquire the skills, processes and systems to craft a growth strategy and plan to get the results I want.

6. I agree to check my inbox immediately to review my "Report of Findings" and take my next step.

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